[Dr. Tae Hyun Jung (KIAS)] Primordial Black Holes


Date : 2022.10.11 (Tue), 15:00 ~


Place : Room 557, science hall, Yonsei University (Sinchon Campus)


Title: Primordial black hole formation by bubble collisions in first-order phase transitions



 Various new physics models can be tested via primordial black hole searches as well as the primordial black hole itself is a good dark matter candidate. In this talk, I will shortly introduce some primordial black hole formation mechanisms in cosmological first-order phase transitions and will focus on the mechanism where primordial black holes are formed by bubble collisions. For this mechanism to work, symmetry-breaking bubbles need to be larger than the Hubble radius and not run-away. The PBH abundance can be estimated by counting the number of such collisions of large bubbles for a given first-order phase transition. 

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